About Us

The Logan House owner Lynne Weaver with Pat and Erica.

Who we are!

The Logan House, Mifflin County's oldest gift shop, is one of central Pennsylvania’s truly unique shopping experiences. Our rooms have ladies clothing and accessories, home decor, and distinctive gifts for any occasion. Come and enjoy shopping in the charm of an old Georgian home where there is always a warm and friendly atmosphere to greet you and a member of the family to assist you. 

The view of the house from Fourth Avenue.

Early History

The house was built in 1906 by W. D. Steinbach for Dr. Thomas Hudson Smith. Dr. Smith had a fondness for columns which can be seen on the porch, foyer, and master bedroom. Behind the house was a horse and buggy shed with a hay loft above, which eventually became the garage. Dr. Smith was a family practitioner who had his practice in the home until March of 1934. The next doctor to own the home was Dr. James McNabb. After returning from World War II, he bought the house and practiced medicine until 1973. 

The main hallway in the house.

Birth of The Logan House

The home was passed on to Dr. McNabb's son Thomas and his wife Ann. On April 2, 1976, Ann opened a gift shop in what was once the doctor's office, naming it The Logan House. The store counter came from the old Logan Store where steelworkers purchased merchandise against their paychecks. Ann and Tom operated the store until their retirement in August of 2004. The home and business were purchased by their long-time employee Lynne Weaver and her husband Eric.